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I see you have a request for me !
before we get started, I would appreciate it if you answered some questions!
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1. Have you checked my previous videos on my YouTube channel to see that your video has not been subtitled already?

2. Is your video a LIVE STREAM content? (e.g. NOT radio shows, podcasts, award shows etc.)

3. Have you checked my twitter @skzislive2's pinned tweet to see if your video is not there already? (this is to avoid duplicate requests)

4. Is this a live video from Stray Kids or a member/s of Stray Kids?

oh I see! I suggest quickly go checking it out now, don't worry I will be here waiting until you're ready!

Unfortunately I only work on exclusively Stray Kids livestreams. This means that it MUST be from Stray Kids as a group or members themselves or that it must be a livestream and no other media forms.
I apologise for that!

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Thanks for your coopoeration!
You can enter the video you want subbed by clicking "request", please keep an eye on @skzislive2 on twitter to see your video under my list which should be added in my pinned tweet in a few hours/days after requesting!